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What to Consider When Choosing a Tree Lopping Business

Tree lopping is a method of pruning where the top of the tree is cut off. This practice can be carried out for a variety of reasons which include but are not limited to ensuring safety, aesthetic purposes, opening up the view, stimulation of new growth, allowance of more light and prevention of any harm from coming to the surrounding property. If tree lopping is carried out by an average person who has little or no knowledge of tree lopping, you are bound to undergo a substantial loss in the future. For one, such a person will not take your long term safety into consideration and could end up cutting the trees in a way that they can easily get infected. For these and other reasons, we have compiled a list to help you out when it comes to choosing the right tree lopping business (which we hope is us).


First things first, you will want to find out the kind of businesses that are available and what they have in store for you. To get this kind of information dig deep into the businesses. Start by making a list of the tree lopping businesses in your locality and you can use this list at later stages to cross out companies that do not satisfy your requirements. Ask your friends and family for information on tree lopping businesses and if they do not have enough businesses for you to look into, cast your net wider and get more information online. You are bound to come up with a large number of businesses that you can write down. Do not narrow your list down yet if they seem to be too many as you will end up crossing out many companies per stage until you have a fistful of companies. However, it is a good idea to focus on those in your locality to narrow down the list a bit.


The first knock off stage begins here. What have people said about the companies on your list? Are they satisfied? If you got some names from your family and friends, they are bound to know something about the companies, especially if they have contracted their services in the past. You can create a scale of satisfaction that ranges from one to ten and rates each company as per the information you get from past clients. Go online and look for reviews on the company and write them down.

Local discussion groups are also very helpful at this stage as they can have a variety of opinions on different companies. Pay a visit to the companies and ask them to give you a list of previous customers who you can contact to get to know about their experience with the company. A good company will be willing to give you a random sample of people who you can get in touch with whereas a company with something to hide will frown upon the idea. Get an average of the ratings given to different companies and cross out half of the companies that score in the lower half.

Do not stop there as reputation goes far beyond what people have to say and it encompasses other things too. How long has the business been in operation? The longer the better as a company that has been in operation for a decade will have picked up on ways to increase their efficiency and will have higher satisfaction levels when compared to a company that just begun.

It is a plus if the tree lopping businesses in your list are members of credible trade associations as you can be assured of their dedication to their business – just like our tree removal services. It may seem like a lot of work to conduct a lot of research on a tree lopping business but you can rest assured that it is worth your while especially if you are undertaking a large project.


A good tree lopping business should be registered with the relevant authority in charge of ensuring that such businesses offer quality services to their customers. If the business that you are looking into does not have the required accreditation from such an authority, it is a good idea to let go of it. A business bureau will help you get an idea of what to expect from the company you are considering to contract as you will be able to see the kind of ratings that they have received from their previous customers.

A door to door contractors

If a contractor should come to your door and offer to do your tree lopping for you, refuse the offer. A lot of warnings have been issued against using such contractors as most of them are scam artists who are out to prey on unsuspecting homeowners and they are likely to do a shoddy job. Such contractors will probably give you a discount to entice you and will not have the proper certifications required for such work. Avoid them at all costs. Tree lopping is a practice that requires a lot of research to be carried out before embarking on the process if you wish to get the best results out of it and as such, it should not be carried out on impulse.

Insurance policies

Before hiring a tree lopper, ensure that they have a valid insurance cover for any damages or injuries that could occur during the course of their work. Tree lopping businesses can easily forge a certificate and hand it to you fraudulently claiming that the certificate is valid and to avoid such a situation, get the certificate directly from the tree lopping business’ insurer. This will enable you to see just how much their insurance covers and if you will be liable for any damages as a result of the tree lopper’s negligence. You can imagine just how much it would cost you if a worker got hurt during the process and you had to cover their medical expenses.

Financial aspects

You may be tempted to choose a tree removal business based on price alone especially if you are operating on a tight budget but this could end up costing you a lot of stress in the future. There are a number of ways to tell whether a company is worth your dollar or not.

Low prices

Truth be told, we all appreciate a good bargain so it is quite easy to be swayed by low prices. However, if the prices offered to you by a tree removal business seem too good to be true because they are incredibly low, you are probably being taken for a ride. For prices to be quite lower than the market rate, it is likely that they have no experience and may cause harm to your trees and property in the process. A tree lopping business with no certifications and insurance is also likely to offer you low prices as they do not incur major expenses in their operations. The downside to hiring such a company is that in case of any damages, you will be held liable. The low price offered to you can also be because the company has no intention of completing the whole project and will only complete a small part before walking out on you. Beware of companies with too good a bargain as you might be falling into a trap.

Expensive prices

Warning you against hiring companies that charge prices that are too low does not mean that we advocate for the charging of exorbitant prices. If the price seems too high, it probably is. Unless you are hiring a company to carry out tree lopping on acres of land, I do not see why you should be spending tens of thousands of dollars on your trees. If you feel that the price is not worth it, politely decline the offer from the company.

The right price

You do not want to pay too much or too little for the services rendered as both choices have their own detriments. To get the right price for you, get multiple estimates from different tree lopping businesses. Get the estimates from at least five of the companies that rank the best in your list. To make the process more effective, get the estimates directly from the representatives of the companies where you will be in a position to learn more about what to expect from the business, what will be carried out and also to gauge their level of professionalism.

Extra services

When looking at the estimates, consider what the different companies are willing to offer. Price is not everything and where one company may carry out their services by felling a tree, another may be willing to remove the tree in small sections at a time. Felling a tree is a much easier task that will take up little time. This is an advantage to the tree lopping business but it will have negative effects on you as it can cause damage to your property in the process. Removing a tree in small sections will take up a lot of time and is a much more difficult task for the tree lopping business, but it is more efficient and it will cause minimal damage to your property. Having considered the two, it is clear that removal in bits would be the more expensive option but it would be most effective. In such a case, a company that offers removal in bits is the best option as it has more professionalism and better services.

Pay when satisfied

You may come across a company that wants you to make the payment even before the work has been completed. Do not agree to such a contract as there are many cases of people who have been duped of their money where they were asked to pay upfront and the contractor took off and did not undertake the tree lopping. You can also opt for a contract where you pay per milestone. For example, if you want the tree lopping to be done on several acres, you can get into a contract where you pay on a per acre basis. This will protect you from getting conned.

Buyer beware

There are situations where you need to be wary of a tree lopping business. If a tree lopping business does any of the following, cross it out from your list immediately.

Lack of printed materials

Any self-respecting business, even a start-up, will have a variety of printed materials for you to go through as you make your decision such as bid forms. A company that approaches you without any material evidence for you to look at is highly likely to be out to con you of your money. Such are the businesses that conduct shoddy work and ask for payment and you are likely to need another tree lopping business to correct the shoddy work.


A good tree lopping business will go into details about their past work, their processes, payment schedules, associations they belong to as well as any information that they deem to be necessary to the formation of a good contractual relationship. If business seems dodgy about their credentials, it is a red flag and they probably do not have the required experience to carry out the job. Cross out companies that are vague and opt for those that are willing to divulge information when asked questions.


You may come across a business where you feel pressured to make an immediate decision. If you find that someone is trying to pressure you into getting into a contract, do not make any hasty decision as you could easily find yourself in a trap where you will lose your money to a con.

Our tree lopper and removal business is more than happy to answer any questions you may have about us. We also offer on-site, obligation free quotations for all jobs. Contact our staff to discuss any needed information.